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Can You Shred Laminated Documents?

Paper shredding has become a popular and necessary thing to do because of privacy concerns. It’s easy to shred regular paper, but what about laminated paper? Can you shred laminate paper or documents? First of all, what is lamination? Lamination is a type of plastic that is placed over a piece of paper. Then, the […]
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Cross-Cut vs. Micro-Cut Shredders

One of the most prevalent methods to classify paper shredders is by the type of cuts they produce. Depending on the nature of your project, a paper shredder can produce either cross-cuts or micro-cuts. The type of paper shredder you should choose will depend on your needs. We will try our best to clarify the […]
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Your Mobile Shredding Service in Los Angeles

Government agencies, healthcare providers, and financial institutions in Los Angeles must use secure methods for shredding sensitive documents. Federal and state laws impose heavy fines when personal information goes public. Companies and institutions need a secure way to dispose of confidential paper records and protect themselves against data breaches. Paper shredding plays an essential role […]
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Secure Paper Shredding with Shred Confidential

When it comes to the security of your paper documents, you may not be so sure how easy or secure your document shredding habits are. But as identity theft has steadily risen with more electronic and virtual forms of communication, more people are turning to secure paper shredding methods that offer data privacy and protection. […]
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Confidential Shredding Services in Los Angeles

Confidential Shredding Services in Los Angeles

Paper shredding is very important in organizations that handle sensitive data. If you are a healthcare provider, government agency, financial institution, or a company that shreds its own documents in Los Angeles, then you need to hire paper shredding Los Angeles services to protect your company against data breach. Luckily for you, we provide the […]