9 Great Reasons to Hire a Professional On Site Shredding Service

You have to safeguard sensitive information. Data breaches will hurt your business reputation and subject you to OSHA fines. No matter how secure you think you have your information, an on-site shredding service eliminates the risk that someone will access confidential information. Based on California law, you need to have a plan in place for […]

Things to Know About HIPAA Compliance for Document Destruction

A key element in safeguarding sensitive patient data and ensuring broader HIPAA compliance is that of document shredding. As such, shredding is a critical consideration in the overall management of your medical facility. The first reason for this is that full compliance keeps your patients safe, and this in turn engenders a sense of trust […]

How Long Should You Keep Documents and What to Shred

It’s awesome that we’re able to store data on a computer, on a server or in the cloud. However, not all data is digital. There’s physical data such as business information, client records and employee files that start out as ink and paper. Keeping track of paper documents can be a pain. How long is […]